Concert Spirituel

Concert Spirituel in Vienna: secure your tickets

Experience the unique concert series "Concert spirituel" by the renowned violin virtuoso Mario Hossen together with the Vienna Chamber Orchestra from September to December 2021 in the Minorite Church (Minoritenkirche) in Vienna. Treat yourself to a musical evening of a special kind during the traditional concert cycle in one of Vienna's most beautiful churches with incomparable acoustics.

What does ”Concert Spirituel“ stand for?
The Concert spirituel (French for "sacred concert") is the name given to one of the first public concert series, first held in 1725, which was groundbreaking for musical taste in France and ultimately throughout all of Europe.

Get enchanted by Concert Spirituel in Vienna

The exclusive concert series Concert Spirituel in Vienna combines the musical talent of the star violinist Mario Hossen, the Vienna Chamber Orchestra and selected international soloists from all over the world: let yourself get carried away on a musical journey when these passionate artists perform the masterpieces of great artists such as J. S. Bach, N. Paganini, A. Vivaldi or F. Mendelssohn, bringing their spirits back to life.

What makes this concert series so extraordinary?

It is the talented artists, the extraordinary programme & the beautiful location that render this concert cycle a must for all classical music lovers! Maestro Mario Hossen, international concert soloist and known for his incredible virtuosity & charisma, plays a Giovanni Battista Guadagnini1749 violin, a loan from the collection of the Austrian National Bank.

In addition, various international guest soloists will appear on each concert date, some of whom will be performing live exclusively in Vienna for the very first time. 

On each of the five selected concert evenings, the artists will focus on a different set of musical themes: "Ancient Arias & Dances", "Heirs of the Classics", "Bach & Vivaldi", "Christmas Concert", "New Year's Eve Concert Tango & Waltz".

The location: an insider tip in Vienna, the Minorite Church

... get your tickets for the Minorite Church in Vienna for incomparable concert evenings. The unique location of the concert is an insider tip in Vienna, both visually and acoustically. Inside of the beautiful Minorite Church, a unique, intimate atmosphere is created: with its incomparable acoustics and a “sea of lights” by candles, you will certainly experience goose bumps.

Book your tickets for Concert Spirituel in Vienna & experience unforgettable concerts

Book your tickets with Viennaticketing for the unique concert cycle Concert Spirituel in Vienna and don´t miss out on these unique musical experiences. If you have any questions about the concerts, don't hesitate to contact us. We will be happy to help you! Experience the concert series "Concert Spirituel" in the world capital of music and we promise you one thing: every single concert is an extraordinary experience that you will never forget.

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