Austria Concerts

Vienna, capital of classical music, inspired the creation of Austria Concerts with their aim of organizing classical concerts of the highest quality. The musical metropolis attracts both people from Vienna and guests from all over the world. Austria Concerts cooperates almost exclusively with soloists of the renowned Vienna Chamber Orchestra, and thanks to their rich tradition, excellent concerts of top quality are guaranteed. Each season the program is arranged, thus creating a diverse and rich program, which is also perfect for several visits. So 85% of the guests of Austria Concerts come from Vienna & the surrounding area, and they visit several times throughout the entire concert season.

In addition to the most famous productions such as The Four Seasons by Vivaldi, the Mozart Requiem and solo works by Mozart, Beethoven and Haydn, Austria Concerts also has other successful productions, such as festive Christmas concerts in Vienna or Stabat Mater by Percolesi.

A very special concert series organized by Austria Concerts is the cycle "Concert Spirituel". This concert series is under the exclusive musical direction of Mario Hossen, with many well-known artists who are also friends of Mario Hossen, both from Austria and abroad. This is thanks to Mario Hossen, who invests all his talent, energy & knowledge and makes these concerts a huge success and enormous delight for the audience. The enthusiasm goes so far that a large part of the visitors of the Concert Spirituel series do not just come once, but attend all 5-6 concerts of the cycle.

The wonderful location of Austria Concerts is mainly the Minorite Church in the heart of Vienna, with magnificent acoustics and unique ambience. The Minorite Church in Vienna’s city center is a very special sacral site: as one of the oldest and artistically most valuable churches in Austria, it is architecturally and acoustically impressive. It also has an important feature for the cold season: it is heated. Austria Concerts brings the works of classical music to life in this wonderful atmosphere.

Austria Concerts also hosts its classical concerts at other venues in Vienna, such as the famous Konzerthaus and the Musikverein Wien.

Austria Concerts will also inspire & fascinate you with their wonderful classical program, the talented virtuoso musicians and the unique acoustics of their locations in Vienna.

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