If you are wondering what cultural adventure to embark on next, the answer should be: come to Vienna, the pulsating metropolis of classical music. As the capital of Austria, Vienna has many cultural, musical and historical facets to offer and even after the pandemic COVID-19 the city is now flourishing again & offers you in a safe environment in the summer and winter season 2020 numerous unique occasions to enjoy wonderful classical concerts in a historical and sacral ambience.

Why must one undoubtedly have seen a classical concert in one of Vienna’s churches?

As an internationally renowned city of culture and music, Vienna stands out for its numerous beautiful sacral sites, which are astonishing both historically and architecturally, and are regularly the venues for impressive classical concerts. This becomes an even more extraordinary experience when you watch the concerts on special occasions such as Easter, Christmas or even at the turn of the year.

Classical music has always been historically associated with churches: especially in Vienna, there are many of the world's most famous and most beautiful churches, which have a centuries-long tradition of performing classical masterpieces, and also guard legends and art treasures.

Authentic concerts in the most beautiful churches of the City

Vienna is universally considered as THE city of classical music, and with its church concerts, Vienna also sets a very special accent that you will experience in this wonderful combination only in Vienna. A historical proof of the architectural beauty of former times are at the most prominent place the St. Stephen's Cathedral (Stephansdom), landmark of the city, or the gorgeous St. Charles‘ Church (Karlskirche), jewel of the baroque time. Classical works truly cast a spell over you during concerts in the sacred, historic rooms, which, thanks to their high ceilings, also create unique acoustics.

The earth has music for those who listen.“
William Shakespeare


Explore Vienna’s sacral hot spots on foot – 
our exclusive roadmap inner city-tour

Exploring Vienna's sacred sites means more than just visiting churches, they are true monuments of history, architecture and also art! So an absolute must for ALL culture- enthusiasts! Let's go for a wonderful walk through the historical city centre of Vienna... but... where to start?

  • St. Charles‘ Church (Karlskirche)

Where else could you start our tour better than at the impressive, baroque St. Charles Church, which leaves a "wow" effect on everyone who sees it for the first time. Located just a few steps away from the Vienna State Opera, the Karlskirche attracts people in every season and enchants even from a distance with its magnificent dome. The baroque church was built in the 18th century and with its style is still considered one of the most important churches in Central Europe. Inside, there are regular masses (church service) as well as beautiful classical concerts performing Vivaldi's "Four Seasons" and the Mozart Requiem.

Karlsplatz (Kreuzherrengasse 1)
1040 Vienna
St. Charles' Church in Vienna

  • St. Stephen’s Church

The list of churches that one must have seen in Vienna should undoubtedly not leave out the St. Stephen's Cathedral. This sacral jewel, lovingly appreciated by the Viennese as their city‘s landmark, holds many secrets and legendary stories. The construction of St. Stephen's Church dates back to the 12th century, and since 1365 the "Steffl" has also been a cathedral church and is one of the most important Gothic buildings in Austria. It is definitely worth a visit with a comprehensive tour of all its area.

Stephansplatz 3
1010 Vienna
Vienna St. Stephen's Cathedral

  • Minorite Church (Minoritenkirche)
    ... Shhh, look out, this church is our absolute insider tip!

The Minorite Church, not far from the Burgtheater of Vienna, is, with its beginning of construction in the year 1276, one of the oldest churches of Vienna and also one of the most artistically valuable ones. The church impresses all along the line with its beautiful architecture and unique acoustics with top-class musical quality from the Vienna Chamber Orchestra when classical concerts are performed in the sacred interior of the church. Here the price-quality ratio is truly remarkable!

The authentic atmosphere at the classical concerts, combined with great acoustics, will certainly give you goosebumps when masterpieces such as Vivaldi's Four Seasons, Mozart's Requiem or the Concert Spirituel with violin virtuoso Mario Hossen are performed. And another little insider tip: inside the church there are artistic treasures to be discovered: a mosaic reproducing the Last Supper by da Vinci as well as an imposing Gothic statue of the Madonna made of painted stone.

 Bring me to the concerts' calender of the Minorite Church!

Minoritenplatz 2a
1010 Vienna
Vienna Minorite Church

  • Franciscan Church

As the next stop on your tour, we recommend that you take a look at & into the magnificent Franciscan Church, one of the most historic sacral jewels of Vienna's city centre. It was built in the 17th century and is especially known for its unique acoustics, beautiful architecture (it is even a listed building!) and has the oldest organ in Vienna, the famous baroque Wöckherl organ from 1642. Here is also where the prestigious annual organ festival "Quintessenz" takes place, which offers very special sound experiences.

Franziskanerplatz 4
1010 Vienna

.....Hardly anyone discovers this small church, even some Viennese may not know it, as it is so well "hidden" in the small streets of the city centre, very close to Schwedenplatz. The Holy Trinity Church is a Greek Orthodox church in Vienna's historic Greek quarter and was built at the end of the 18th century. Both the charming architecture from the outside and the wonderful interiors entice one into this special sacred building, which we wanted to mention here as the last insider tip of our route.

Fleischmarkt 13
1010 Vienna

During the course of any city tour one existential question arises later in the afternoon: do you also suddenly feel so hungry?

Where to have dinner?…

How about a typical Viennese dinner after an incomparable classical concert experience? Here you will find exactly the right blend of culture, classical music & culinary delights to pamper your palate with Austrian specialities such as the Viennese Schnitzel (veal) or Tafelspitz (boiled beef). After or before your splendid dinner in beautiful ambience, you may later enjoy an elegant and classical concert.

 Bring me to all Concert & Dinner recommendations

! A culinary tip for the inner city route: after the Franciscan Church, directly on the way to our last recommended church, turn and enjoy a classic “Wiener Schnitzel“ (veal) at Figlmüller or Lugeck restaurant! One has not truly experienced Vienna, if one has not tasted a Schnitzel.

For everyone with a sweet tooth...

If you didn´t already visit one of Vienna’s finest coffee house institutions, Demel, at Kohlmarkt 14 near St. Stephen’s Church, for some delicious sweet treats, then now is the time for an icy- sweet surprise! :) 

Some helpful side notes on Church concerts

A great advantage of the sacred sites in Vienna for all seasons is definitely:

+ in winter: many churches are generally heated, which is a big plus.

+ in summer: because the churches have enormously high interiors, they offer visitors a cool interior and thus a good retreat from the heat.

And another small but helpful tip: the concerts usually last approx. 1 hour, you should plan to visit the restrooms before arriving at the concerts, as churches naturally do not have any restroom facilities for visitors.

In conclusion, there is only one thing left to be said: Vienna's churches offer a fantastic ambience for classical concerts, which is enchanting both architecturally and acoustically and brings the works of classical music to life. So head to the world capital of music, to the many impressive sacred venues and don't miss these unique classical concerts and once-in-a-lifetime experiences!

Music is a higher revelation than all wisdom and philosophy“
Ludwig van Beethoven

Vienna’s lively offer of classical music, tours and much more

Vienna is known to be a pulsating metropolis and THE destination for classical music lovers, where more famous composers have lived than in any other city. Most of the impressive venues and concert halls are centrally located directly in the inner city of Vienna.

We invite you to follow this link to our other blog with a compact overview of the best classical concerts in Vienna including a small guide for the “perfect classical day“ in Vienna. We will be more than happy to provide you with the tickets your heart desires!

Vienna and Austria can also wonderfully be explored through tours. Whether you prefer a city tour, a boat trip on the Danube or an exclusive private tour with a guide, we’ll arrange it for you. For example, get to know the enchantingly beautiful Danube valley or the natural Vienna Woods (Liechtenstein Castle, Seegrotte and much more) on a tour with a personal guide and exciting background stories that you won´t find in any travel guide.

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