Immerse yourself here with us in a compact overview of Vienna’s best classical concerts and book the ideal tickets for you.

Vienna: cosmopolitan city, city of art and culture... but there is another particularly concise title: Vienna, world capital of music! And that couldn’t be more true. As THE metropolis of Austria, the city has infinitely much to offer: in cultural, culinary and architectural terms, and above all when it comes to music. When you think of Vienna, you immediately think of classical music!

You can literally hear the classical sounds rushing through the streets, pulsating at every corner of the historic city centre, as Vienna has so often been the home and workplace of world-famous composers such as Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart, Joseph Haydn and many more....

Countless classical concerts at venues all across the city regularly enchant locals and tourists alike. No matter what your musical heart desires, whether it is a famous opera in the traditional Vienna State Opera, a Strauss, Mozart or Schubert concert – Vienna has something for every taste and for all music lovers, no doubt about that!

Already since the times of the Habsburgs and especially from the 18th century onwards, the city has risen to become the musical centre within Europe. And still, today Vienna inspires and captivates with its unique State Opera, the Musikverein, the Konzerthaus and last but not least with the world class orchestra of the Vienna Philharmonic.

The world capital of music is and remains a well-deserved nickname for Vienna.

We have put together a compact overview for you where you will find the “best of the best” of classical concerts that Vienna has to offer at only one glance. You will easily be able to select your favorite concerts & book your tickets conveniently with us, as your perfect Vienna trip with unforgettable musical experiences is close to our hearts!

As Confucius once said, a very long time ago..."Music creates a kind of pleasure which human nature cannot do without."

We agree. So, let's go! Get ready for acoustic adventures and one-of-a-kind musical experiences of the highest quality.


Concerts in the Minoriten Church

Another absolute highlight for your Vienna trip is a visit to one of the exclusive classical concerts in the Minorite Church in Vienna, one of the oldest and most artistically valuable churches in the city. There you can marvel at the unique soloists of the world-famous Vienna Chamber Orchestra in an impressive ambience.

The French-Gothic style of the church, which is situated directly in the heart of Vienna's city centre, offers a unique venue for classical concerts. This means you are spoiled twice: acoustically and visually! You will especially be impressed by the mosaic inside the church, which is a replica of the famous wall fresco of Leonardo da Vinci's Last Supper and weighs an incredible amount of 20 tons (!).

An interesting offer by the way are also the admission prices, for instance the reduced admission prices for students & senior citizens at € 19.

A little hint: before the concert starts, visit the traditional Café Central at Herrengasse and enjoy the flair of a typical Viennese coffee house - with a portion of original “Kaiserschmarrn”!

Vienna Royal Orchestra

You have come to the right place for an imperial, acoustic feast of the senses! The Vienna Royal Orchestra is composed of musicians from the renowned Vienna Philharmonic and Vienna Symphony Orchestra, who together perform numerous masterpieces by the most famous Austrian composers. For an unforgettable evening you will experience highlights such as the conductor dressed in a festive authentic costume or the wonderful "Corps de Ballet" (2 pairs of dancers of the Vienna State Opera).

The magnificent concert venues of the Vienna Royal Orchestra are as varied as their musical repertoire of Strauss, Mozart, Haydn and many more: whether it’s the neo-Gothic style of the Vienna Imperial Hall on Beethovenplatz, the Haus der Industrie or the Palais Niederösterreich, a wonderful evening of exclusive high-artistic quality is definitely guaranteed.

Personal tip: If your selected concert evening takes place in the festival hall of the Haus der Industrie, located on Schwarzenbergplatz, we recommend a short detour to the classic Café Imperial first, only a 3 minutes' walk away. The name says it all: you are about to have an imperial experience. You’ll be inspired by Viennese delicacies paired with a historical ambience - the customer is truly king here. We would love to reserve a table for you!


Vienna Baroque Orchestra

Embark on an unforgettable journey through the different eras of Austrian music history in the classic baroque building of the beautiful Palais Schönborn together with the Vienna Baroque Orchestra. We recommend these concerts especially because of their acoustically captivating, unique sound experiences.

If you would like to listen to the incomparable masterpieces of Vivaldi, Mozart, Donizetti and Tchaikovsky, presented by virtuoso musicians and excellent opera singers in one of the most beautiful baroque halls in Vienna, you have come to the right place. Because as Mozart said: "...cause we all enjoy listening to great artists; old and modern".

To all music AND gourmet lovers: we have the ideal combination of the finest acoustics and culinary delights for you! Let us book the special offer “Baroque Orchestra & Dinner” for you, so that you can comfortably start your culinary-musical evening at 6 p.m. at the Café Restaurant Landtmann. It is a true Viennese institution that you must experience at least once when in Vienna (just as Sigmund Freud or Gustav Mahler have also!).

Concerts in St. Charles’ Church

It is one of the most important and most famous baroque churches in the entire German-speaking area: the St. Charles’ Church in Vienna. As one of the city's most impressive landmarks, the St. Charles’ Church scores points both architecturally and acoustically.

A little hint: The area around the St. Charles’ Church has been a hotspot of the city for quite some time now – every year various events as well as a traditional Christmas market take place at the hip Karlsplatz. So be prepared, there is always a lot going on there!

Every year, the St. Charles’ Church in Vienna attracts millions of tourists from all over the world. The Orchestra 1756 has been very valuable for the classical scene of Vienna for a while already, through its high-quality concerts in the unique ambience of the St. Charles’ Church.

The traditional performances of Mozart's "Requiem" and Vivaldi's "Four Seasons" by the Orchestra 1756 are known for their high artistic competence and lively performances that transports the spirit of Mozart and Vivaldi into our world of today. There is hardly a more intense, atmospheric and authentic way to experience classical concerts.

Concerts in Mozarts’ House (Mozart Ensemble)

The classical concerts of the Mozart Ensemble have an impressive historical ambience: in the present monastery of the "German Order", at the beautiful hall "Sala Terrena", where Mozart already gave several concerts back in 1781.

The wonderful tradition of concerts still lives on here today - thanks to the Mozart Ensemble, all friends of classical music can experience a concert in this unique atmosphere, consisting of the great works of famous composers such as Mozart, Haydn, and many more.

Personal conclusion: The beautiful, small hall creates an atmosphere almost like that of a private concert, plus a wonderfully virtuoso string quartet - indulge yourself in the feeling of joie de vivre that this unique music radiates!


Strauss & Mozart Concerts at the Kursalon

Fancy the classical "Little Night Music"? Or the world-famous "Donauwalzer"? Then you've come to the right place. When you walk along the historic Vienna Ringstrasse, you will quickly see a particularly magnificent building: the Kursalon, a renowned concert and event venue in the heart of Vienna. Day in, day out, Strauss & Mozart concerts are on the programme at the traditional Kursalon, presented by the "Salonorchester Alt Wien", one of the world's best waltz orchestras.

You can mingle with music lovers from all over the world to experience classical musical highlights together. Book your concert tickets for an unforgettable evening with us, which will lead you on an adventurous journey through the history of Viennese music.

Insider tip: Take a picturesque walk through the Vienna Stadtpark and admire one of the most famous and most photographed statues of the city: the Johann Strauss monument in memory of the "Waltz King". As the ultimate ending of your walk and just before your concert begins, why don´t you take a sit at the wonderful terrace of the Kursalon and enjoy the Italian Renaissance style of the Café Restaurant Johann.

And finally, our very personal recommendation:

Experience the perfect classical day in Vienna :)

Start off your day with a small city tour, let’s call it "In the footsteps of classical artists": discover one of the former residences of Mozart, Strauss, Beethoven or Haydn. These famous musician memorials in Vienna are apartments designed as museums and offer an insight into the furniture and objects from the personal possessions of the artists, paintings and photographs. Headphones allow you to enjoy their most important works during the visit.

For example, you will find the Mozarthaus Vienna, where Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart composed "The Wedding of Figaro", in the middle of the city centre behind St. Stephen's Cathedral. A tip for Strauss fans is the Johann Strauss Museum in the 9th district, which is the first museum in the world to present the family history and the work of the entire Strauss family in detail. Also, since 2017 the Beethoven Museum exists at the house where Ludwig van Beethoven composed his 4th Symphony. Haydn fans will be drawn to Joseph Haydn's last apartment in the 6th district, the Haydn House, where he has once written "The Creation" and "The Seasons".

Tips for culinary refreshments during the day...

  • Coffee & Sweets at Café Demel
    A must for refreshments in between: a visit to the famous Viennese Café Demel, right next to Michaelerplatz. Enjoy the delightful atmosphere and local delicacies with a Viennese Melange.

    A little insider tip: if you go up to the back of the café, you can gain an insight into the bakery right next to the stairs. Absolutely there! A feast for the eyes...
  • Dinner at Plachutta We would love to reserve a table for you!
    When hunger strikes: treat yourself to Austrian specialties in a classic Viennese establishment, the Plachutta. This restaurant is hard to surpass when it comes to tradition and we certainly recommend trying the world-famous Viennese Tafelspitz (Viennese boiled beef).
  • A classical evening in the Vienna State Opera is definitely a must...
    It is said that you haven´t really been to Vienna if you haven´t been to the opera – the Vienna State Opera enchants its visitors not only with its beautiful architecture, but also with its acoustics and its wonderful program.  So, in order to “crown” your classical day, let yourself be enchanted by the Vienna State Opera and book your ticket for an unforgettable evening here.

"There is only one imperial city - there is only one Vienna" – it was already Johann Strauss who also appreciated the unique ambience of Vienna endlessly.

You can book all tickets here, easily and comfortably, to enjoy musical highlights of the greatest quality all year round!