48 Hours in Vienna.

Do you have only a brief period of time in the national capital and largest city in Austria, Vienna? From its stunning modern architecture to its coffee houses and wine taverns, Vienna is a treat, even if you’re just there for a weekend. Read on to see how you can hit the city and see all the highlights on a short timeline.


Day 1

On the first day, you’ll want to get a feel for this beautiful city by walking around, visiting its top sites, and eating delicious treats. One of the best travel tips for Vienna is to invest in the Vienna Pass Ticket, which is a way to discover all of Vienna’s cultural sites for a discounted price. With the pass, you’ll be able to visit over 60 top attractions for free! We’ll highlight below exactly which attractions you’ll need it for.


Visit “Innere Stadt”

This area is the best place to stay for tourists (especially first-time visitors) and the first place you’ll want to start out on your 2-day trip to Vienna. This historic center of Vienna dates back to the Roman ages and has been designated as a UNESCO World Heritage Site. Spend the morning walking the old boulevards and seeing sights like the City Hall, Austrian Parliament, Natural History Museum, Museum of Art History, and so much more. On your stroll, you can explore the area and decide which sites may be worth revisiting if you have time and as you get a feel for the city.


Go to St. Stephen’s Cathedral

Right in the Innere Stadt area, there’s an attraction you absolutely do not want to miss. St. Stephen’s Cathedral is one of Vienna’s most recognizable symbols. The main entrance to the magnificent church is free. However, if you want to go up the tower for the breathtaking view, you’ll have to pay a small fee (5 euros). The experience of exploring the cathedral and tower is entirely free with the Vienna Pass.


Head to the Hofburg Imperial Palace

The Hofburg Imperial Palace marks another highlight in the center of the city. It is where the former imperial family ruled the Habsburg Empire from. Today, it serves as the official workplace of the Austrian president. Depending on whether you get the audio guide, or you read all the signs, people typically spend roughly 2-4 hours there, so plan accordingly! Make sure you eat before you go. This experience is also free with the Vienna Pass. Go and get your money’s worth.


Eat Sachertorte cake at Hotel Sacher

You’ve had a nice long day of touring. Now it’s time for a sweet treat: head to Hotel Sacher to eat some of the best chocolate cake of your life. The recipe is a closely guarded secret and one of Vienna’s most popular desserts. You simply can’t leave the city without trying the Sachertorte. Just be prepared to wait a few minutes because there can be a queue during peak hours!


Attend a classical concert

When in Vienna, you can easily embark on many special musical journeys, as the city is the capital for classical music. Vienna is known for its internationally renowned orchestras. Vienna is internationally known for its numerous classical concerts, renowned orchestras and beautiful concert halls. Why don’t you see for yourself and get a ticket here (LINK) for a classical concert in Vienna. It will be a magical night you‘ll never forget, listening to the masterpieces of Mozart, Vivaldi, Strauss & many more. 


Day 2

Ready for day two? There’s a lot more in store for you in the magical city of Vienna. Today, you’ll get out of the city center and see more iconic landmarks and hear even more of the incredible music that Vienna has to offer.


Go to Belvedere

Your first stop of the day is Belvedere, a historic complex of two palaces and a Baroque garden, which you can easily reach by walking approx. 30 minutes from the city center. Depending on your preference, you can walk there take public transport, or even rent a bike if you´re in the mood, or just grab a taxi. The gardens of the Belvedere are open to the public and entry is free with the Vienna Pass.


Visit Schönbrunn Palace

This is a must-see when visiting the city, but it’s a bit of a hike if you’re staying in the center. It’s over an hour walking, so you’ll definitely want to grab a taxi or take public transport. The famous yellow Schönbrunn Palace was the main summer residence of the Habsburg rulers. It has been a tourist attraction for the last 65 years and has free entry with the Vienna Pass.


Schönbrunn Palace also has classical concerts that you can attend. Treat yourself to an unforgettable experience of classical masterpieces in a palace with the royal ambiance of former emperors. It’s a pretty great way to spend your day in this famous city! You can look at tickets for Schönbrunn Palace concerts.


Eat Wiener Schnitzel 

You can’t go to Austria without eating Wiener Schnitzel. Wiener Schnitzel is a popular, classical Austrian dish that is made of veal and garnished with lemon. It’s also usually served with potato salad or potatoes with parsley and butter. Just make sure you’re not fooled by any tourist traps in the city center. Vienna has a couple of great options for incredible Wiener Schnitzel: Just head to Lugeck or Figlmüller. You’ll leave feeling happy, with a full stomach and knowing you’ve had the true Austrian experience.


Head to a concert

You are in the capital city of classical music after all! If the Schönbrunn Palace concert didn’t appeal to you, don’t worry. You have plenty of more options in the city. But, whatever you do, make sure you enjoy classical music on both nights you’re there. You won’t have the opportunity to enjoy such an authentic experience again until you return to Vienna in the future. Here are some more options that may appeal to you:



The hauntingly beautiful Minorite Church offers you the unique experience of hearing world-famous soloists from the Vienna Chamber Orchestra for beautiful classical concerts. This concert is especially ideal for those staying in Innere Stadt as the church is located near Vienna Hofburg Imperial Palace. Get your tickets .


  • Strauss and Mozart Concerts at the Kursalon Vienna


You’ll get to visit another magnificent building in Vienna when you book a concert ticket here. The classical music at these concerts will round out your Vienna experience and make it everything you want it to be, taking you on a journey through Strauss’ and Mozart’s masterpieces. The concert venue, Kursalon Vienna, is located in the City Park (Stadtpark) close to the Johan Strauss Statue. Get your tickets 

Final thoughts

Ready for your whirlwind 48 hours in Vienna? The city has a lot to offer, and you can easily have the full Viennese experience with just a couple of days on your hands. You can also maximize your visit with the Vienna Pass, which gives you access to all of the main monuments and attractions. ViennaTicketing offers the best classical concerts and allows you to get all the information about events and tours you may need while visiting the city. Enjoy your stay!